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Change Team: 
Welcome to the Team
by posted 02/05/2021

Hi Parents,

My name is Matt Sullivan and I will be your players' manager for the 2021 Spring season.  Along with myself, we have Todd Petrizzo and Manny Thayne who will be helping out.  I couldn't be happier with the group of kids on this team and to say I'm excited to start this season would be an understatement.  I'm so excited that we are having our first practice tomorrow at Mt. Etna from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.  I know it's short notice so it's fine if you can't make it.

Our practices will be on Wednesday and Friday from 4:30 to dark and Saturday mornings from 11:00 - 1:00.  So far all of our practices are at Mt. Etna but check the website for any changes.  Please download the Sports Signup Play app.  This is the best way to view and RSVP to upcoming practices.

For those that don't know me or the other coaches, this will be my 3rd season managing and I also serve on the North City Board of Directors


Here some quick guidelines that will help make the season go smoothly:

Parents and players must wear masks when walking to and from the field.  Players can take their masks off during practice but coaches will have theirs on during practice especially when near players.

Parents can watch practice from the bleachers or along the fence, but do your best to stay distant and have your mask on or visible.

Only players and coaches allowed on the field.  This is both for COVID but also personal preference.  I expect the kids to carry and pack up their own gear.

Players must wear baseball pants, belts, cup, socks, cleats, and hat to every practice.  Pro-tip: get gray pants for practice since they won't look as dirty.  Also bring your glove, bat and helmet.

Players will be screened for COVID symptoms and sanitize their hands before entering the field.  Please keep your player home and notify me if they aren't feeling well.  Have a small bottle of sanitizer in their bag before practice.

If you have any questions, please wait until after practice until all players have left or email me after practice.  I want to give you my full attention, and before practice and directly after practice are difficult.

And lastly and this is super important.  When you are watching practice, please just be an encouraging voice to your kid and other players.  The coaches will do everything we can to help them improve.  They will get no shortage of criticism from the coaches and I need you to to be there to lift them up.  Don't compare your kid to the best kid on the team.  Celebrate your player's improvement and successes.


I will be sending out more emails throughout the season, but this is a good starting point.  If you need last minute gear, Dick's and Charlie Rose are having a sale.  Dick's is both online and in-store while Charlie Rose is only in-store.


See you all tomorrow!





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