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by posted 05/18/2022

Happy Wednesdays Bandits!  Looking forward to the big game today! (keep telling the boys its just another game  Hopefully, everyone can get to Hickman by 4pm today.

Just want to make sure everyone is aware of the potential schedule this week:

IF WIN TODAY: we will have field practice tomorrow (Thursday) at Etna and go straight to championship game(s) on Saturday starting at 10:30.  There is a possibility of two games on Saturday if we lose the first one.  Second game would be 1:30pm.

If lose today: we will have another game tomorrow (Thursday) at Hickman again starting at 4:45pm vs Titans.  If we win that game, we would go to championship games on Saturday.  We would need to win two games on Saturday to claim the title.

Whatever happens, I think we can consider this season a success.  We definitely have had our fair share of wins, along with one in the playoffs already, but that isnt the most important part.  Its the boys having a blast together, making new friends and experiences, developing their game and hopefully love for baseball.  I def can focus on this aspect more lol!  What a great bunch of kids and families, super happy to have you guys.  

After the game today, some of us may head over to Balboas for a burger and beer if anyone is interested! 



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by posted 05/10/2022

Good morning Bandits!  If you have not seen the updated schedule, we took down the #1 seed for the regular season and will have our first playoff game this Saturday 10:30am at Etna vs the 4/5 winner of today's game.  The playoffs are a double-elimination format meaning you need to lose two games to be knocked out.  If we win Saturday, the next game will be Wednesday 5/18, if we lose the next game will be Tuesday 5/17.  You can see the brackets via the links on the North City front page.  Please let me know ASAP if your player is unable to attend any of these dates.

Please note that TODAY'S PRACTICE IS CHANGED TO HICKMAN MULTI-USE FIELD AT 430PM.  Its the larger field in the back SE corner of Hickman.  I want to get field practice in, mostly baserunning as our last couple games that has been our weak spot.  We will work on this with players, but I would like to ask that parents review the basics and fundamentals of baserunning with their players as a bit of homework.  Mainly we all need to know when we can advance (ground ball or fly ball not caught) and when we need to get back to the base or tag-up when a fly ball or pop-up is caught.  I will attach some YouTube links that may be worth watching with your player (cant guarantee though lol!):

This whole series are quick little videos:

This one is a little more advanced but hopefully helps with understanding tag up rules: 

First base lead:

Stealthy baserunning:


Thursday we will have our normal field practice at Mt Etna as well 430-630pm.  Tomorrow (wed) there will be a good playoff game at Hickman with the #2 seed Thrashers vs #3 Rangers.  I will be there to check it out, feel free to come out and watch our competition if you are interested.  Many other playoff games going on the other fields as well.  Snack bar is open.

Saturday after our game, I was thinking to have a little team party/get together at the park and we can also watch the next playoff game after ours.  Please let me know your thoughts and availability!  The snack bar will be open, but we could bring some other food and our own beverages.... 

On different note, I would like to extend a sincere thank you from all the coaches for being such a great bunch of kids and families this season!  We were the only team in the division to not have a single player drop or have any substitutes for a game.  Out of 10 players we had at least 9 for each and every game, and most times all 10.  That is a testament to your dedication and commitment as parents to this team and it really shows when these boys play baseball!  They are a great bunch, each and every one of them.  I couldnt had asked for more.  Thank you parents!

See you all soon!

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