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by posted 05/04/2022

Welcome 6U Memorial Day All-Stars!  

We're really excited to start this journey with your child and family!  I'm joined by some great coaches...

1) Coach Roger Robledo, (Greyson's Dad) who has managed multiple teams for North City in all divisions, including a Pinto Championship Team last season and the Manager of the 7U All-Stars last season that made it all the way to the Pinto World Series.

2) Coach Justin McBride (Knox's Dad), who has coached many of the kids on this team through Shetland teams.  Justin grew up playing North City Baseball and it's great to have him onboard.

3) Coach Grumps (Greyson's Grandfather).  Grumps has coached along with Roger on many teams including the 7U All-Star team.  He brings a wealth of Baseball knowledge and straight shooting to help the kids get better at certain areas. 

4) Coach Sean (I'm Luke's Dad) - I've managed several different teams within North City including the 8U All Star team last season that made it to the Pinto World Series.  


FUN. It's all about FUN (can't stress this enough).  I want your kids to have the utmost FUN during this time and also create some lasting memories and friendships.  

Listening.  I know, I know - these kids are excited, but we really need them to come to practice with FOCUS and listen to ALL the coaches.  We've got a lot to teach them in the next several weeks about not only baseball, but learning the competitive aspect.  It's much differnt than traditional Shetland games.  There are OUTS, Strikeouts, Baserunning, making plays in the IF, etc. 

Good Teammates.  One thing we'll work on and stress all season is about being a good teammate.  As mentioned above (we ARE going to get out, we ARE going to strike out) - I want the team picking up each other, playing for each other and growing as being good teammates.  This is one of the most important aspects as the kids grow into competitive sports.  It's also great life lessons to trust and believe in your team.  

Postive Mental Attitude. Each kid should try and come to practices, games, etc with a positive attitude.  I'm no fool, these are 5 and 6 year olds - that will not always be the case.  However, our coaching philosophy will be about helping keep all these kids positive.  We'll work with each kid on areas they can improve.  We want them feeling good about this overall experience.  

One Last Thing....

This a GREAT accomplishment and the kids (as well as you parents) should be really proud.  One thing I do want to point out as we enter the final games of the Shetland season is that the kids don't "brag" or mention to the rest of their team that they've been picked as All Stars.  While, it's not as prevelant at this age (most kids don't care or don't even know what All Stars is) I'd hate for their current teammates to get bummed or have their feelings hurt.  I know, it's hard - believe me, Luke (my son) has been telling everyone he sees at school that he is "officially" and All-Star. :) 


Thanks ALL! Let's have a great run and come togehter behind these kids and represnet North City!!!


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