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North City Youth Baseball
P.O. Box 178066
San Diego, CA 92177
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North City Families,

The mobile app (Sports Sign Up Play) is not operating currently.  The support admins are working on it to get it operational.  In the meantime, you can find all your fall team info - schedule, roster, contact info, RSVP for games and practice etc on the league website - (Navigate to your team under the Teams tab.  Once your team is selected - click on the Team tab again for menu options)

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Website Admin Help page - League Athletics Admin help page.

North City is a Non-profit organization tax ID #33-0733630

Padres Account Manager - ticket distribution
Dick's Sporting Goods Sponsorship login
Username:  ncyb
Password:  erdywogn
Facebook Page login:
Password:  ncybpr2012
Twitter Page login:
Password:  h1ckman
Instagram login:
User:  northcityyouthbaseball
Pass:  NCYB2020
Birthday:  9/1/1958
Old League Lineup website login:
Password h1ckman
Square (Snack Bar) Login:
Pass:  NorthCity2023
OLD-NCSI Background checks 
Username:  pfabin8844
Password:   NCYB1967!!
ID: 98055032
New NCSI Background checks
Password:  h!ckman-1958


Gagliardi Insurance login:
Pass:  NorthCity2018
Coache's Page Password:  3tna2022
Etna & Hickman
Hotspot Password:  ncyb1958
Snack Bar lock box code:  958
Straight Talk account for hotspot: 

Venmo: NorthCity

pass: NorthCity2022

phone: 858-289-1578


pin: 1958


Snack Bar Google Phones/account  and email

Pass:  NorthCity2021


CC: 231


Peach Jar login:
Pass:  ncybpa123!
Peach Jar Pricing.......
Snack Bar charging process - 
Set up registration to do $50 charges to CC on:
  • opeinging day (or within a couple weeks after to include late comers)
  • April 15th (SB schedule sign up deadline)
  • June 1st (didn't complete SB shift)
Register buy out and deferrment members at the same time- this controls a one or the other requirement.
$50 buyout
$100 deferrred ($50(schedule sign up) +$50(shift complete))
On opening day (or after date) add supplemental Credit to registration of deferred members ($100)  This will zero balance so no charges apply.  The $50 buyouts will go through to be paid.
On April 14th add $50 supplemental Charge to registration for deferred members not on the schedule (Export Schedule/volunteer report to verify)
On May 30th add $50 supplemental Charge to regsitration for deferred members that did not complete shift. (Export schedule/volunteer credits to verify-note any no shows)
* You could have all deferred carry the $100 balance and remove as shifts are scheduled/completed, however, this requires weekly reconciliation as well as prevents someone from paying registration balance late due to the fact they they would have th $100/$50 pending charge that the system would want to include when they checked out.  To eliminate this, all registrations would need to allow partial payments - which can and has been done but not publicized so partial paying isn't promoted.
Tournament Pool Standings - To keep Bracket W/L from adding into the Pool Standings, edit and change all bracket games category from "Game" to "Bracket Game"

*9U-12U ONLY* - Innings Pitched - 6 MAX/Day - 6 MAX/Tournament

  # Name GP Day1 IP Day2 IP Day3 IP BIN TT IP TT IA
    Total 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 6.00

*13U & 14U ONLY* Innings Pitched - 7 MAX/Day - 8 MAX/Tournament

  # Name GP Day1 IP Day2 IP Day3 IP BIN TT IP TT IA
    Total 0 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 8.00
If you want to delete large groups of events on the schedule:
  • Export the schedule to spreadsheet
  • Add Delete column to the right - (Delete as the header)
  • Add Delete in the cell for each game or group of games/events
  • Import Schedule


Change Bracket Games game type to Bracket Game to keep results separate from Pool Standings-which uses Game as the type.


The close time on registrations is 12:01 the morning of the date specified.


QR-Code for uploading pics of Score Cards - TT 2022