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2018 Turkey Tournament Stats
  Day1 IP - Day 1 Game 1 Innings Pitched
  Day2 IP - Day 2 Game 2 Innings Pitched
  Day3 IP - Day 3 Game 1 Innings Pitched
  BIN - Bonus Inning
  TT IP - Total Tournament Innings Pitched
  TT IA - Total Tournament Innings Available
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  IPG - Innings Pitched Per Game
  PT - Pitches Thrown
  H - Hits Against
  R - Runs Allowed
  2B - Doubles Allowed
  3B - Triples Allowed
  HR - Home Runs Allowed
  ER - Erned Runs
  SO - Strikeouts
  W - Walks Allowed
  CS - Runners Caught Stealing
  ERA - Erned Run Average (ER*9)/IP
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Turkey Tournament Pitching Stats
  IP - Innings Pitched
  IA - Innings Available
  BIN - Bonus Inning
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Turkey Tournament Rest Restrictions
  RR Date - Rest Restriction (Start Date)
  RR Time - Rest Restriction (Start Time)
  ATP Date - Available to Pitch (Date) RR Date+.01
  ATP Time - Available to Pitch (Time) RR Time+30-24-12
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2018 NCYB Pitch Counts
  PT - Pitches Thrown
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  SLG - Slugging Percentage H+2BX2+3BX3+HRX4/AB*100
  AB - At Bats
  R - Runs
  H - Hits
  2B - Doubles
  3B - Triples
  HR - Home Runs
  BB - Number of Walks
  RBI - Runs Batted In
  Avg - Batting Average H/AB
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Turkey Tournament Pitching Stats (13U)
  IP(13U) - Innings Pitched for 13U
  IA(13U) - Innings Available for 13U
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  A - Assists
  DP - Double Plays
  E - Errors
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