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Shetland (Ages 5-6)

Pinto  (Ages 7-8)

Mustang (Ages 9-10)

Bronco (Ages 11-12)

Welcome to North City Youth Baseball On-Line Registration 

Select the division below that is the appropriate level for your player based on age.  If this is your first time registering on this site, you will need to create an account .  The system will prompt you to create a new account after clicking on one of the green "Register" buttons below.  This will only take a moment.  You will need to enter your e-mail address and a password.  This will allow you to have access to our website and team pages. Just follow the prompts and you will be a member of the North City Youth Baseball league and team management system in no time.

Note:  When creating new accounts, ONLY enter e-mail addresses on the parent information page, do not enter e-mail addresses on the Player's information page.  This prevents any confusion with sending out league wide information.

**Failure to complete the payment process for registration will result in the player being waitlisted. Failure to complete payment for previous outstanding balances will result in the player being waitlisted.  Waitlisted players are not eligible to be rostered on a team.  To be removed from the waitlist and become roster eligible, requires account balances to be paid in full or payment arrangements made by contacting Tim Nguyen (League President) or Erin McCabe (League Treasurer).**

Manager and Coach Questionnaire and Background Check

Welcome to the North City Youth Baseball background registration process.  Once you begin, you will be instructed to select a member from your account to register for this process.  Below are some options you may see and their definitions.  Choose the member from your account that you would like to begin the background check registration process.






Open to: Men & Women

Youth Concussion Awareness Video Course

Concussion Awareness for Youth Sports


Playing sports introduces a an inherent risk of injury.  Protecting our youth to the best of our abilities is our first priority to ensure they have a safe playing environment while they learn and have fun.  For this reason it is imperative that all our volunteers are as best prepared as possible in the event of an injury.

The State of California enacted a new law regarding concussions in youth sports. This law is effective January 1, 2017. It is an amendment of a previous law that covered high school athletes. The law now covers all athletes under the age of 18. 

The purpose of the law is to provide specific safety protocols which must be met in order to protect athletes from injury. It is Assembly Bill (AB) 2007.  Youth baseball is included in this law along with many other sports.

Please note that the new law also requires training for all coaches and administrators. The CIF website offers a free 20 minute training course that can be used for that purpose.

All North City Youth Baseball Coaches and Managers are required to view the training course on Concussion Awareness.  After viewing the 20 minute course, click the register button for this registration and certify that you have completed the viewing of the training material.  That is all that is required.


Video Training Link

Open to: Men & Women